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Whilst I don’t consider myself to be a bike builder in any shape or form here is my bike project.
I’m an AV technician with little experience of building bikes until now. it’s my daily ride into the big smoke, you can often see me up & down the Old Kent Road trying in vain to keep up with the plastic pocket rockets.
Whilst I admit i have had a lot of help from the guys at Tri-Moto, their invaluable knowledge and experienced has helped me rebuild the bike twice. I’ve been involved in every step of my bikes evolution from a standard 2001 silver Carbed Bonneville to what it is now. It’s been involved in 2 major spills (both of which was not my fault) and each been time its been written off. Call me pig headed or sentimental I just could not bear to see it broken up.
It’s still unfinished and will eventually be rebored, bobbed, rehubbed and will sit on a slim line featherbed frame with a custom built swing arm that I plan on building myself.
Hopefully you can use a picture of my bike.




Laing’s Bonne


Love your site so thought I would drop you a few photos of my Bonnie incase you deemed it good enough for the site. It is a bit tatty but it is used daily 12 months of the year (unless it is deep snow).
It is a 2004 Bonneville with 38,000 miles on the clock – I use it every day to travel from home in Leeds to work in York – a 50 mile round trip. I have not done too much to it but is has the following bits added/changed:

Scrambler Bridgestone Tyres
Tacho and double instrument panel (2nd hand from EBay)
Powder coated headlight, mudguard stays, clutch cover, rocker cover, alternator cover and sprocket cover
Rear mudguard eliminator
Small indicators (Hein Gerick)
TEC 2:1 exhaust
TEC Carb covers
TEC oil cap
TEC rear suspension
TEC clutch dress up kit
Norman Hyde handlebars
This is my 5th Triumph (previously had two T140s, Thunderbird Sprot and Daytona 955i) and I currently own a Sprint ST 1050 for touring. This Bonnie is amazing and a dream to ride over the Yorkshire Dales on a nice sunny day.
All the best
Leeds, UK

Gordon Laing

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