Im always keen to show what others have been doing to their own Hinckley Twin either at home or professionally. This  is Sebastien’s sweet ride, keep up the good work Sebastien.


I just found out about your site on bikeexif while looking at Roland Sands’ scrambler. I’m a graphic designer living between Paris and Miami and here’s my bonnie ; a White 2010 Mag wheel standard Bonneville with around € 2 000 of accessoiries….

I’ve been adding bits by bits since I bought it… 

  • Norman Hyde classic silencers
  • Headers heat wrap
  • “Black Beauty” bobber tail-light
  • Custom blinkers
  • Fork boot covers
  • Swiss army saddle bags (year 1940)
  • Brown leather seat
  • Brown handle grips
  • Renthal street handlebar (5″ wider)

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  1. Where did you find that seat? I live in Canada and am trying to find a brown seat but am not having much luck.

  2. I would also like to know about the brown leather seat, please reply. thanks.

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