Things have been a little hectic here at Bonnefication HQ (grand title but sod it) The other half has had me busy painting and decorating to the point that I’m actually getting good at it, something that I will never admit too or I ill be doing it until I die.The result of all  this DIY has been a very quiet blog.But thank to people like Neil Butterfield, I don’t need to look much further than my email inbox….


This is what I managed with my se:

Lots of homemade parts fabricated in my shed from aluminium bought from a leading d.i.y. store-chainguard, sprocket cover, headlamp brackets and mini indicator brackets. Cost pennies compared to buying plus the satisfaction. Thruxton front mudguard bought cheap from online auction site, i had to drill the fork brace to secure it. Rear mudguard is from same auction site, was off a scrambler, i trimmed it and bobbed it, light is usual generic custom item. Bars are 3″ rise widened with use of sawn off bits of bar held in place with rawl bolts(this works well in damping out vibes). Mass engineering tacho bracket bought cheap online modified to take speedo. Bash plate half price online too!

Usual A.I. removal plus TTP Tune 3. I have a box of bits i took off it weighs ten kilos. The bike is a bit of a hooligan, i topped it off with Avon Distanzia`s as i have started taking it green laning plus the tyres just look so good on the bike. The rims I painted steel silver as the factory finish black i felt diminished the size of the wheels.

All in all it has taken time but not too much cash. shows what you can do on a budget with a shed a hacksaw and some wet and dry paper!!!


Neil Butterfield