It may, or may not of come to your attention that Bonnefication recently opened an online Shop, selling a range of aftermarket bespoke Parts & Accessories for the Air and Liquid cooled Hinckley Triumph Twin, featuring products chosen by the Bonnefication team for their quality and finish.Last week we took delivery of a range of products from Alo’s Cafe, including seats, side-panels, bags and sprocket covers. Once unpacked and laid out, we knew we were looking at some seriously tasty merchandise – no surprise, after all, thats why we chose them.In this article I will look at the Alo’s Slim Seat Essential, crafted by artisans in Italy, and upholstered in top quality Italian leather. You may think a ‘slim seat’ is about removing much of the essential padding, when in fact its more about removing sections of the seat which add little or no comfort to the rider.Looking at the stock seat you will notice it covers the frame rails on either side and over-hangs the rear of the frame hiding the seat mounts. This makes the OEM seat appear much plusher and longer than it is, or it needs be. Removing this facade instantly gives the desired slim and bobbed appearance, without removing any of that essential padding.Shaving the seat down also allows it to become a lot narrower following the shape of the exposed frame more closely. This is exactly what Alo’s have achieved with the Essential, and from what we can see the Alo’s product is no less or more comfortable than the OEM item, just a hell of a lot better looking!

The Slim Seat Essential comes in beautiful black or brown Italian leather, finished in either traditional Tuck n Roll or a Diamond stitch design. The base is fabricated in moulded ABS Plastic and not the cheaper fibreglass. We have seen some seats that overlook the finish of the base, which rest assured is not the case here.The Essential comes with rubber buffer pads to the front, but not to the rear as they are not necessary due to the rear mounts. The actual seat fit to the Triumph is also excellent. Unlike some other aftermarket seats, you wont need to transfer the hooks (mid brackets) from the stock seat, since the Essential doesn’t come with a pillion strap. No strap = no hooks – and the best news – if you want to sell your OEM seat on eBay for £50–100 you get some cash back. Price for these little beauties stands at £299.99, which we feel for such a top quality product is amazing! Other seats from Alo’s include the Stryke, the Lite, (a synthetic version) and the Smart Seat which features a little pouch. Contact the Bonnefication shop for more details.



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