6/5/4 Moto – 2010 Bonneville

It’s said that it’s not the destination, but the journey – that may be the case, but with Motorcycle lifestyle Shops come Cafe’s, opening in towns and cities all over the world, perhaps a destination where you spend your time eating great food, drinking good coffee and looking at custom motorcycles and cool motorcycle clothing is what life is really about.654motors_triumph_studio_07Creating a motorcycle ‘lifestyle’ venue is not exactly easy, though teaming up with friends can make this daunting task achievable. This is what Johan Orrestedt the founder of 6/5/4 Stockholm, a surf lifestyle store and coffee shop, did when he teamed up with bike building buddies Daniel Jakobsson and Johan Nordin. Together the three friends expanded into 6/5/4 Motors, everything it had been, but also a motorcycle workshop commune and home to 40 like minded motorcycle enthusiasts.654motors_triumph_studio_05Last winter this trio of friends set about building themselves each a bike, with the Johans going for a Husky and a DR350, with Daniel Jakobsson opting for a 2010 Bonneville with 2500km on the clock, chosen for its classic looks and reliability, and customised to be used off as well as on road.654motors_triumph_studio_01The frame has been chopped some 8cm back to the cross-brace, with the now open ends being plugged by the original plastic bungs. A new mudguard from a Suzuki GXS was modified to fit the Triumph, painted black and fitted with a custom made stainless numberplate bracket.654motors_triumph_studio_03A new seat base was fabricated and covered in diamond stitched brown leather – padded desert Racer style with an unusual chiseled profile, though this seat doesn’t entirely cover the modified frame, its not unattractive. To continue with the clutter free tail-end, an LED strip tail-light has been fitted within the new seat.654motors_triumph_studio_12The stock front mudguard has been shortened, painted black and mounted to the Bonneville by a custom made light shield securing a 6” headlight. Behind which also resides the rectifier, allowed to cool by a laser cut 654 logo vent, a logo which also appears on the custom 6/5/4 bash guard.654motors_triumph_studio_14Keeping in theme are a set of Biltwell Mushman pegs and MX style handlebars, these have been fitted with stock levers, switches and a pair of Biltwell ‘Torker’ grips – featuring a pattern matching that of the custom seat. It will come as no surprise that the speedo is the ‘Tiny’ from Motogadget, who have made it possible to ditch the stock clocks on these CAN bus models with the addition of their m-Tri adapter.654motors_triumph_studio_13The exhaust on this build is typical Desert Sled! –  twin straight through headers with steel rod heat shield, crowned by a set of black Biltwell Cannon Mufflers. Something which emulates what was done by many desert racers who fitted VW en-cans.654motors_triumph_studio_09Ditching the stock suspension on these machines is mandatory, more so if this bloated beast is to be taken off road. In this case the front end was cranked up and fitted with stiffer springs, with the rear receiving 2cm longer shocks from Progressive Suspension. The heavy steel rims also need to be ditched, and what better than a set of MX rims; 19 front and 18” rear, fitted to the stock hubs and shod in Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres.654motors_triumph_studio_04Aware that the Bonneville is pretty common in the custom scene , the guys wanted to add something to make it stand out from all the other builds, and chose a green copper-patinated finish to the tank, something which I really like. Overall,  a really nice build,  nice colour and finish, and a great side-on profile654motors_triumph_ext_01Finally the unmentionable mentionables include an LSL chain guard, sprocket cover and ignition relocation bracket…. oh and LED turn signals.

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