Northsider Nights Portugal

Bonnefication has a new BFF!…
By Rachel Skinner

1043891_554597467931126_970187278_nNorthern Portugal on a Thursday night and love bikes? Head to a fixed spot called Praça (the square) to experience Café Racer Portugese Style! – It all started on the ‘351 Café Racer’ Portugese forum a couple of years ago where like minded riders came together and realised that people wanted to meet up and ride together, Northsiders Nights was born and since has gone from strength to strength.774835_582502978473908_1692258860_oThe Northsiders Nights are all from the Porto metropolitan area, hence the name, and indulge their love of Café Racers, Classic, Retro and Custom motorcycles by riding and being with friends. Every Thursday they meet up in funky bars and cosy restaurants congregating at the square chatting about their favourite subject, bikes!934627_557650644292475_1225474290_nThey have grown from the original 6 riders to a boasting 30 somewhat, even international crowd where great friendships have been created. Alberto Garcia Alix, Vincent Prat and Thierry the most visible face of the Southsiders MC and Pedro Mordt from PistonBrew, have joined them experiencing the Northsiders personal magic. A couple of stars amongst them are Nuno Capelo the custom builder architect Capêlos Garage and Daniel and Pedro the heart and soul of Ton-Up Garage.
Conversations around motorcycles populate the night air and along with peels of laughter you will hear passionate talks about the new Retro Classics Bonneville, Thruxton, Monster, W800, and XJR to name a few.996509_608858089171730_1838260587_n

Regular topics of conversation on a Thursday will also include their love of  Classic Honda CBs and Yamaha XS’s from the 70’s and some motorcycles from the 80’s like the “Dented Brat and the “CafeExpresso” from the 90’s, a fun project between Bruno AKA Xaruto and Capêlos Garage resulting in a custom build project executed in 11 hours.1238162_577175742339965_785655036_nThe members of Northsiders Nights are proud of their culture and have a photo gallery highlighting the beautiful custom built machines as well as the lovely scenery of Porto itself, which is worth visiting.


BFF? – Bikes, Friends. Fun. We’ll have some of that.

NorthSiders Nights from Scarneiro on Vimeo.