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I posted a pic of a very nice red wheeled Triumph Bobber a week or so ago, details of which have now been supplied by Steven Heglar of Modern British Designs Inc who produces the bolt on back end seen in the image.

‘Approximately two years ago my wife and I decided to turn our hobby into a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and building Hinckley Triumph aftermarket parts and motorcycles. I recently viewed a picture of a Bobber with red wheels on your web site and wanted to give you a little more information. That particular motorcycle is owned by British Customs. The Bobber conversion is a kit my company designed and manufactured.

Attached are a couple of photographs of the 2007 Bonnie belonging to my wife that I used to create the Bobber Kit. The kit is a complete bolt on with no welding. I designed it to be as garage friendly as possible. I know that this particular style is not for everyone but I really enjoyed developing it.

Steven J. Heglar
Modern British Designs Inc.
5448 Apex Peakway #177
Apex, NC 27502

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  1. I’ve bee wanting to do the very same “Trophy” conversion of my Scrambler. I’d love to talk with Steven about this one. He doesn’t seem to have a website. How can I contact him. Can you post an email for him?

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