Details on MrMartini ‘s ‘Shorty’

I hope I get this right as some information might of got-ten lost in the translation. Shorty is by MrMartini the custom wing of Verona based Triumph dealership ‘Triumph Verona’ which is owned and run by Nicola Martini who has been selling Triumph’s since 1994. ‘Triumph Verona’ is based in a rather cool fifty year old former petrol station, which just adds that extra bit of coolness when buying your Triumph in Verona – The MrMartini showroom is just across the road and is one of the coolest I have ever seen. As you can see from the screengrab from the MrMartini website the showroom is carpeted in rich red, while chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The showroom is furnished by a selection of custom bikes (not all of which are Triumphs) and the odd piece of opulent furniture. This showroom alone is worth a trip to Verona. I can see it now… the other half can go check-out where Romeo and Juliet had a little chat, while I visit the MrMartini showroom, sounds like the perfect trip to me!

So Shorty… some of the things I’ve spotted on this build are the relocated coils and ignition switch with custom mounting bracket attached to the carb and swing-arm mount. Large protruding air filters (love those puppies). A bright yellow fuel-tank which I’m told is from a ‘Moto Deglia Anni 70″. The bash plate covering the engine side covers (that will stop that black from peeling) some rather nice alloy yokes. The bars and controls look custom, as is that seat which again I’m told is made from an “old leather jacket”. Also the sprocket cover, gear and brake pedal have been drilled and a tasty stainless Exhaust has been fitted. The shortened frame and polished swing-arm add to what is a bloody nice bike from MrMartini.

If you get a chance, check out both their websites

Details and Images supplied by Nicola Martini – Translation done on my Mac

MrMartini Showroom – Nicer than my Flat!

Won’t be going out at night then! – Stick a rear light on and It will be legal for a daytime MOT.

2006 790 cc Bonneville

Love the shield, that should help to keep the black finish from flaking off after exposure to the weather.
Custom made Exhaust for MrMartini by Zard – BITUBO Shocks


Surprised the rear foot rests mounts are still on, keeps it practical I suppose!
Those tyres are Dunlop Sportmax Mutant 120/70ZR17/Dunlop Sportmax Mutant 150/60ZR17

First thing to do on any Bonne project is to cut the back end.