Bottega Bastarda Triumph Twins


Bottega Bastarda Triumph Twins

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Sandro, Enrico and Emiliano make up the crew of the Italian bike builders Bottega Bastarda. Based in Forlì, in the Romagna region of northern Italy, Bottega Bastarda build everything from Café Racer and Scramblers to Brat Style and old school Bobbers. And I imagine, everything else in between.Immagine 069

I believe the word ‘Bottega’ in Italiano, means a ‘Shop/Studio for an Artist’, bastarda needs no explanation, but the name ‘Bastard Studio’ goes a little way to describe their style, which includes putting a Honda CB750 fuel tank on a Triumph Bonneville. ‘Bastarda’ indeed, but I LIKE these ‘Bastarda’. Immagine 081

So what have these three ‘Bastarda’ been unto….

 meaning ‘THE REGULAR’ is anything else but regular!-  Starting life as a fuel injected Triumph Scrambler which has been fitted with a brushed alloy tank and mudguards, the front mudguard being secured to the bottom yoke to give those TK80s plenty of room. The Scrambler has also been fitted with Öhlins shocks, fake drum brakes by DB Brakes, a digital speedo, K&N filters and custom Exhaust.

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 which is a Carb Bonneville is the one sporting that CB750 petrol tank. Other modifications include; Custom Exhaust with the heat wrap. Headlight from a British Police car, handlebars with cross brace, Mini Speedo, Custom Seat, Turn Signals relocated to the frame rails, Shin-You rear light and brake light.

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Bottega Bastarda builds are clearly bonkers but a least they are original,if not a little blasphemous, but regardless I love their work and look forward to seeing their next Triumph Based project.

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